At San Pedro the waves keep coming in.

 Water comes through the rocks

Two crabs are climbing on this rock. See them?

colorful seaweed

Banana-quit, Geelbuikje, Barika Hel, Suikerdiefje

 No bananas today, but the flowers of the Aloe are just as good.

Lots of birds in pools. Blue Bay resort

need to find out what names they have.....
luckily the birds themselves don't know them

Black-winged stilt

 green heron

green heron

Reddish egret at San Pedro, Hato

At first it was difficult to find the egret. It was searching for food in the little pools of water left by high waves.
 Then we noticed the movements

When a wave splashed into the rocks it made the egret very visible.

Finally, it took of.